Canoeing requires no special skills, other than the ability to swim, and no previous experience is necessary. Anyone can enjoy it, regardless of age. All our equipment is steady and safe to use.
Traditional canoes are open topped boats, paddled from a kneeling or sitting position with a single-bladed paddle. Kayak, a type of small boat, covered over by a surface deck, powered by the occupant using a double-bladed paddle in a sitting position, from a hole in the surface deck.

On our canoeing trips we use local operators who ensure the activity is run to the highest safety standards. You’ll be accompanied by a local expert guide and provided with full training and a safety briefing. You will also be given all the equipment you need, including a life jacket.

Canoeing can be the most rewarding way to explore the waterways of a country, taking you far from the crowds and away from roads, traffic and urban areas. From the water you often get a different, gentler perspective: there’s time to take in the landscapes, observe the wildlife and enjoy the journey as you paddle along.

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