Short day courses to longer weekend courses or even whole season courses in co-operation with community college.


Photography – day course/weekend course

Learn creative photography – basics to more advanced lookouts. Composition, camera settings, different light conditions, editing. 4 hours or weekend course in beautiful countryside.  Bring your own photo device.

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Leatherworking – short course

Learn about traditional leatherworking and make something on your own with help from teacher. Leather and all other equipment included.

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Chickens are fun! – short course

What kind of animal is chicken? What kind of pet is it? Are chicken stupid? From egg to an adult. Different breeds. Caretaking and daily routines. Diseases. Behaviour. History. What’s the roosters job in a herd? 4 hours course in beautiful countryside with chickens. Possibility to taste the family’s chickens’ eggs and buy chickens/chicks.

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Camping in winter – short course

Learn how to camp in winter and make it pleasant. Learn to avoid mistakes that can lead to dangerous situations.

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Canoeing/kayaking – short course

Learn the basics about kayaking and canoeing with a wilderness guide. Paddling techniques, river and lake paddling, packing a canoe, dangers and risks and what to do if something happens.

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Camping, survivalism and traditional crafting – long course


More info coming soon!